About Us

Hendrick Boards is a leading designer of eco-friendly, handcrafted maple and bamboo skateboard decks and distinctive apparel – for anyone who likes to stand out and make a statement. Based in Orange County, California, Hendrick Boards seeks to showcase and build the culture and lifestyle that skateboarding inspires, while ensuring the protection of the environment and helping to safeguard the welfare of pets and animals through each and every purchase.

Hendrick original decks are inspired by the skateboarding lifestyle, as well as the natural wood from which it is made. Long board decks are crafted from bamboo, a strong, durable and renewable resource, making every board purchase better for you and our planet. Eco-friendly, handmade paints and stains made from coffee grounds are applied directly to the deck, revealing the natural wood grain, which gives Hendrick Boards its signature look. Deck designs are painted on the topside of the deck, and supplied clear grip tape allow for the artwork and wood to be revealed, a unique feature of every Hendrick long board.

Hendrick Boards’ apparel and accessories pay homage to the Orange County lifestyle – the coastline, ocean and beach environments – while portraying skateboarding not just as a sport and activity, but as a way of life. Hendrick Boards’ apparel designs are made from eco-friendly, water-based paints; accessories, such as the Hendrick line of bracelets and necklaces, are constructed of natural materials including hemp and bamboo beads.

The Hendrick Boards Story

David Hendrickson founded Hendrick Boards in 2011 for one very small reason – his rescue dog, William. Three years ago, David, while volunteering at a local animal shelter, saw a 5 pound chi-mix carried into the shelter. He soon learned the puppy had been poisoned via his mother who had ingested household chemicals. William, as he would later be called, was not expected to live past a few months. Hearing of his story, David started the adoption process that same day. After numerous vet visits, David nursed William back to health.

Combining his love of art and skateboarding with his passion for animals, David started Hendrick Boards and created collections of skateboards and apparel to give back to animal shelters and pet adoption programs across the nation – helping animals, like William, find loving homes.

Today, Hendrick Boards is realizing its vision to see a world where every animal has a loving, caring and respectful environment. Every purchase gives back to animal shelters and rescues throughout the nation – from 20% to 40% of the purchase price. For every $10 raised, together we can feed a large shelter animal for an entire month; for every $50, we can take a stray animal off the streets and into a loving home.

Inseparable, David and William are often found skateboarding along the beaches of Orange County.

David Hendrickson

Hometown: Escondido, California
Currently Lives: Orange County, California with his rescue dog, William
Passions: Skateboarding, Hiking, Camping, Animals

Born and raised in Northern San Diego, David Hendrickson, CEO and Founder of Hendrick Boards, found a passion for helping animals early in life when, at the age of 7, his family adopted their first rescue dog. A triplet, David and his brothers frequently volunteered at local animal shelters and grew up with 5 rescues that became a part of his family and a way of life. David soon realized the amazing role local animal shelters and rescue programs play on the front lines of saving animals. As David notes, “All of us can play a critical role – however small or large it may be – in helping all animals find a loving and caring environment.”

Combining his passion of art and interest in skateboarding, David started Hendrick Boards in 2011 as a vehicle to support local animal shelters and rescues. Chief decision-maker, strategist, social media guru and creative director, David continues to design every board deck and piece of apparel and hand paints every skateboard deck.

David has been frequently sought after and featured in the likes of The Huffington Post, Orange County Register, Working Mother, Coast Magazine and 944 Magazine. He makes volunteering at animal nonprofits a central part of his life. Nearly every weekend, David helps his nonprofit partners build new roofs, maintain facilities, care for shelter animals and find loving homes for shelter animals.

Donny Hendrickson

Hometown: Escondido, California
Currently Lives: San Diego, California with his rescue dog, Roxy and Cat Japeto
Passions: Cars, Animals, Long Boarding, Hikes and Painting

Donny, co-founder of Hendrick Boards, started rescuing animals, along with his brothers, at the age of 4. Like his brothers, their family rescued animals their entire life and now he gets to do the same. Donny started volunteering in middle school at a local animal shelter in Escondido.

Now he works as the Director of Social Media and all around “Goof Ball” at Hendrick Boards. Donny can be heard from across the office laughing out loud with a huge smile from ear to ear. Donny has two rescues, a dog named Roxie and kitty named Japeto.