Aria: From Being Dragged at the Shelter Floor to a Loving Home

Posted by hendrickandco 02/24/2017 0 Comment(s) Animal Stories,

In December 2016, we all saw the shocking video of the shelter staff dragging a dog through the shelter's corridor. Her paws were slipping while she was trying to hold on. Nothing illegal was found to be done, but they should have picked her up and given her love and dignity.

The Underdog Project immediately went to the shelter to take Aria, as she would be called, immediately to the vet and out of a place that terrified her so much.

The rescue and vet first set out to stabilize her. She was needing to gain a lot of weight before anything else could be done. Aria was just skin and bones. It was sad that she had gone through so much and she was barely one year old.

Aria was abandoned in a small town and picked up by animal control and taken to a small rural shelter. The shelter has basically zero funds. They try to help the dogs get out but that's not the reality of many small shelters. They just don't have the capacity or man power to do anything but care for the dogs. Many times they can only afford food. Most dogs that enter rural shelters don't get out alive.

Because of The Underdog Project, Aria's life changed forever.

For weeks thereafter, Aria slowly gained the weight she needed. She was shy and timid at first, but, thanks to her foster mom, Aria thrived and blossomed into the dog she was always meant to be.

Today, we are thrilled to announce that Aria was officially adopted. She is now Aria Carter and her foster mom is now "maaaaa". Yes, this is another foster "fail" as her foster mom fell in love with her so much that she wanted to give Aria a forever home.

She will enjoy the company of two furry siblings! There will be no more nasty shelters. Aria will only know full bellies and nap times!

Let's all wish Aria and her new family a life filled with only love. 

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