Bluebelle Goes From Abusive Home to Loving Family

Posted by hendrickandco 04/10/2016 0 Comment(s) Animal Stories,

We introduced you to Bluebelle in October, 2015. Seized from a Baltimore home by animal control, Bluebelle was in extraordinary pain with a double prolapse (vaginal and urinary).

While we do not know the cause of the prolapses, we do know that this just did not happen overnight and that the owners did nothing to help Bluebelle.

Animals with severe medical needs like Bluebelle have little to no chance of making it out of the shelter if it were not for rescue organizations.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC came right in and took her immediately to the vet hospital. She was immediately rushed into surgery for what would be a complicated procedure.

Bluebelle remained at the hospital for the recovery days to monitor secondary infections and post-surgical complications.

A family stood up and offered to foster Bluebelle as she continued to recover. Pampered and loved, probably for the first time, Bluebelle loved playing with her foster family’s other pets.

Within the month, Bluebelle became the center of attention of another foster fail. The family that cared for her during recovery opened up their hearts and home to give Bluebelle a loving home forever.

Bluebelle is proof that it does take a village to save animals. Rescue organizations are often times the only ones to rescue animals in need from high-kill shelters. Rescue organizations cannot save animals without a network of people behind them to take animals in need into their homes to care for them before they are adopted. And, life-saving procedures and surgeries could not be possible without donations. Hundreds of you purchased tees, hoodies and jewelry to help save Bluebelle. With your help and purchases, Bluebelle is alive today.

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