Dumped and Attacked, Bait Dog Survives to Make a New Beginning

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On April 8, 2015, we launched a campaign to help save an 8-month-old puppy named Frankie. In his short, young life, Frankie was used as a bait dog, dumped at high kill inner city shelter, and attacked by an adult dog who left him fighting for his life in the ICU.

It’s a Ruff Life Rescue swung into action upon learning about Frankie. They immediately took Frankie to the vet, where he underwent emergency surgery. Unfortunately, Frankie lost his right ear, had multiple sutures and drains inserted and had to receive a blood transfusion to save his life.

Frankie remained in the ICU in critical condition for a week. Rescuers did not know if he would make it, but they were determined to pull out all of the stops to save this innocent victim of abuse. Frankie received fluids to maintain his blood pressure and IV pain medicine to manage his pain. Frankie also had a second surgery because so much tissue in his neck was damaged.

But, no matter what was thrown Frankie’s way, he never gave up and his spirit was never broken.

Even at his worst in the hospital, he would wag his tail and give the Vet techs kisses.

As soon as he was medically cleared, It’s a Ruff Life Rescue began his rehabilitation training and Frankie moved in with his new foster family. Their primary goal was just to get Frankie to a point where he could function around dogs in society and not be reactive. But this boy blew all of our expectations out of the water!!! He excelled in training and left all of us with our mouths on the floor. Frankie played with other dogs, participated in doggy social groups, and made doggy friends!

Not only was this boy a survivor, but he was a forgiver! He showed and proved to everyone that he had nothing in his heart but love and held no grudges. This boy has been an inspiration to us all in so many ways and in our eyes is a poster child for all of the REAL and amazing qualities a pit bull possesses.

At the end of May, after weeks of hospitalization and rehabilitation, It’s a Ruff Life Rescue announced that Frankie was ready for adoption. The rescue wanted to find just the right home for Frankie — a home where the family would continue the training Frankie needed, as he was still a puppy.

News came on June 7, 2015, just 2 months after Frankie was in critical care. Frankie was adopted! His new adoptive parents fell in love with Frankie at first sight, and promised to spoil, love and give him his forever home and happy ending.

Frankie’s journey has taken a village to pull off and make this day happen. Hundreds of Hendrick & Co. customers came together to purchase tees, hoodies and accessories to help save Frankie.

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