Joey, a Young Puppy Turns Into a Handsome Young Man

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In the Fall, we introduced you to Joey, a tiny little baby boy who was in desperate need of medical care. Only 7 weeks old, Joey had endured so much pain in his short life already.

Second Chance Rescue NYC was called about a puppy that was found in a yard with his hind paws severed off. It remains unknown whether this was a sick act of blatant cruelty, or if little Joey’s back paws were caught in a fence or some other object.

Second Chance Rescue NYC immediately accepted this baby into their rescue and rushed him their vet partner for immediate treatment.

Joey is received the medical care he needed to make sure infection hasn’t set in. As soon as his medical needs were met, Joey moved into his new foster home in New York, where he felt only love.

In the weeks to come, Joey had extensive rehabilitation therapy. As part of the therapy, Joey was outfitted with custom-made prostheses, allowing him to regain mobility in his hind legs.

joey-blog2With the relentless help of his foster mom who worked with him daily, Joey quickly learned to use his new feet and play on the grass with his friends.

It took months of rehabilitation for Joey to heal but we are thrilled to announce his pain and torment is a thing of the past! He will be loved and spoiled for the rest of his life.

Because of you, and the hundreds who purchased shirts and accessories, Joey is able to walk again. Only with your help can Joey run on the grass.

What amazes us most is that this little puppy has turned into one good looking young man. We wish you all the best, Joey.

Posted by Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs on Tuesday, February 2, 2016
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