Rocky's New Life Mission is Saving Hundreds of Dogs

Posted by hendrickandco 03/07/2017 0 Comment(s) Animal Stories,

In July 2016, Rocky, a 1 1/2 year old blue Pit Bull Mix, was found after he wandered into a backyard and was brutally attacked by four dogs that lived on the property. The owner of this property came home to find Rocky severely injured and just left him there in pain to die.

Over a week later, he was taken to the local high kill shelter. His wounds were assessed by the shelter vet and it was determined that they did not want to stitch "old wounds" to close him up. The vet sent him back to a dirty, non-sterile kennel with antibiotics. 

Another week had passed and Rocky was not doing any better.

Rebel Paws Rescue then stepped in and stepped up to save Rocky. His wounds were flushed several times a day along with daily doses of antibiotics. With ripped ears, a huge gaping injury to his hip and rib cage, and the severe trauma to his front leg, he still remained stoic through all of his treatment. 

Unfortunately, the infection had set into the bone. Even with antibiotic injections in the actual joint, the infection grew to be too severe and rescuers had to amputate his leg in order to save him.  

Today, Rocky is a three-legged bundle of joy. Despite all of the pain he endured being attacked by other dogs and lack of treatment at the shelter, Rocky remained stoic and steadfast. Rescuers knew he had a will to live. 

Rocky has a new, amazing mission. He has become the brand ambassador against Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) for Rebel Paws Rescue. Breed-specific legislation is a law passed by a legislative body pertaining to a specific breed or breeds of domesticated animals. In practice, it generally refers to laws pertaining to a specific dog breed or breeds, especially pit bulls and bully breeds. This discriminatory legislation only fuels the misinformation about bully breeds. 

Rocky makes rounds at local events throughout New Mexico where he shares his story and the need to stop BSL. He currently lives at Sanctuario de Karuna in New Mexico. 

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