Teenagers Glued Her Eyes Shut, But Rescuers Opened Her Eyes to Love

Posted by hendrickandco 04/19/2016 0 Comment(s) Animal Stories,

In the Fall of 2015, we created a campaign to raise the funds to help save a puppy in one of the most disturbing acts of animal cruelty we have ever seen.

Sadie, a ten-pound puppy, suffered one of the most horrendous acts of torture imaginable. According to Stacey Silverstein, of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, the tiny, ten-month old puppy’s eyes were glued shut. “A group of kids, we are told, glued both of her eyes shut for kicks! This is one of the scariest abuse cases we have seen in a very long time,” stated Stacey.

The egregious act of cruelty occurred in Henderson, North Carolina; the offenders were never identified. Luckily the Friends of Vance County Animal Shelter came to Sadie’s rescue and contacted Rescue Dogs Rock NYC for help. Everyone who has met this little dog, comments about her sweet disposition.

Research has consistently shown that children’s acts of animal abuse closely correlates with bullying, corporal punishment, school shootings, sexual abuse, and developmental psychopathic behaviors. Animal abuse can be an indicator and a predictor of other violent acts.

When Rescue Dogs Rock NYC called us about Sadie, we immediately went to work to create a campaign to raise the funds to help Rescue Dogs Rock save Sadie. And, hundreds of you heeded the call and purchased shirts, bracelets and totes to help save this precious puppy.

Within the week, after the vets were able to unglue her eyes without harming either eye, Sadie was prancing and dancing at the vets. She became the staff favorite and loved getting so much attention.

As luck (and hard work) would have it, Sadie’s unfortunate beginning turned to a happy ending. Just weeks after rescuing Sadie from the cruelty she faced, Sadie was adopted and began a new chapter in her life.

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