Skeletal German Shepherd Gets the Miracle Nobody Expected

Posted by hendrickandco 02/22/2017 0 Comment(s) Animal Stories,

In August 2016, Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs urgently wrote, “We just accepted one of the worst cases of starvation into our rescue family. We have absolutely no words for the condition of this starved female German shepherd mix.”

The skeletal dog, named “Thumbelina,” is a shadow of what she should be - a healthy dog of her breed should weigh 75 pounds, but she weighed only 14 pounds. Her body was devoid of fat and muscle. She was so frail that it seemed impossible that she was still alive. When Thumbelina arrived, her temperature did not even register. Heating pads were used in an effort to bring her body temperature up.

In the early days of being rescued, Thumbelina lifted her head several times only to enjoy the small caloric set meals that the hospital staff had been feeding her. 

Soon, her temperature had been regulated to just about normal. Her bloodwork came back unremarkable, showing no signs of serious underlying health conditions, besides the obvious of being nearly starved to death. 

The hospital staff said she was just hours away from sure death when she was brought into their practice. Thumbelina was brought in by a young girl who had found her in a rural area near a lake where she was hiking. 

As days turned into weeks, Thumbelina gained her strength and started to add weight to her frail body. The hospital staff reported that Thumbelina started to enjoy laying on her blanket during the day. And, she even began to play a little bit with her squeaky toys. 

Because of the loss in muscle mass, standing up on her own feet was a labored chore, but the rescue and vets never gave up. With the regular nutrition and physical therapy, Thumbelina made an amazing recovery. 

Her thin body turned into an amazing bundle of joy. 

Hundreds of you - those who shared her story and video and those who purchased tees, bracelets, totes and hoodies - played a vital role in Thumbelina's recovery and amazing transformation. Her touched thousands across the nation and beyond.

At the end of October, Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs announced that Thumbelina found her forever home. On the day they met, her new daddy gave her an elephant toy and she does not go anywhere without it! 

Because of you, the vets that nursed her back to health, the unrelenting rescue who never gave up hope and the young girl who brought her to the hospital, Thumbelina truly knows what love is. 

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