How We Give

An estimated 10 million cats and dogs enter animal shelters every year. Half never make it out. Hendrick Boards aims to make a small, yet important, difference for shelter animals everywhere.

Through a national network of local shelters and pet rescues, skateboard enthusiasts, pet owners and cause-oriented consumers, Hendrick Boards has developed tools to build awareness of animal causes and enhance engagement with audiences, all while creating a new fundraising mechanism to support the work of local animal nonprofits.

Making a difference can be as simple as purchasing a tee. Customers can purchase any product at Hendrick Boards to make a donation to local animal nonprofits. And, we have created the "Square It" initiative: every two weeks, we offer a limited-edition product with twice the donations. Purchase to make a difference!

Our Vision

To see a world where every animal has a loving, caring and respectful environment.

Our Mission

To create innovative ways to connect consumers with local animal causes, while building awareness, increasing funding and enhancing engagement.