Soy Candle - Ocean Breeze

Soy Candle - Ocean Breeze

Sold out! Keep in mind each candle is hand made. We will be back in stock on 7-30-17

Introducing the first ever animal saving candle! Hand made in Orange County CA this 100% Soy Candle is poured by hand in 7oz solid glass Tureen Jar with brass lids and crafted for maximum smell and burn time. We used the headspace of  an agave to create a realistic interpretation of the beautiful smelling fruit. Tender notes of water lily, sandalwood and apple blossom create this fresh marine scented candle. The best part is each candle triggers a life saving donation to save animals who have been abused, neglected and tortured. Show your love for animals and brighten any room with these delectable animal saving candles. 

Each candle is created from 4oz of 100% Soy Wax with low smoke cotton wicks and burns for an estimated 25 hours!

This product delivers a $3.00 donation with every purchase.
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