Hope: Doused with kerosene, Hope was set on fire by her owner and her cigarette

Rescuers say it's the most horrific case of animal abuse they've ever seen. A 1-year-old dog in in Florida was set on fire, allegedly by her owner. Veterinarians are doing all they can to save one-year-old Hope.
Hope's owner is accused of dousing her in kerosene, then flicking a cigarette at her, instantly, setting her on fire. Hope was tethered at the time this occurred to her so she could not escape the pain and agony she had to endure. Luckily, the neighborhood kids who had previously taken care of Hope when it was cold witnessed this and started screaming. They proceeded to put her out with a water hose.
Hope's entire face, eyelids, body and even her tongue were seriously burned. Her red, peeling body is all wrapped up to hopefully, heal the scars left behind by a terrible act of cruelty. Hope's owner is under investigation and has not yet been charged.
Thanks to Hardee Animal Rescue Team (HART), Hope is safe but far from recovery. She needs your help to survive. You can donate directly by clicking here: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=WM2XUN9XULZTU
Hendrick Boards has created this campaign to raise the much-needed funds to help Hope survive. With each and every purchase of a tee, hoodie, bracelet or dog leash, Hendrick Boards will donate $10 directly to HART to help save Hope. Only with your help will Hope survive.
Every product triggers a $10 donation to save Hope


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