More than a shirt

With every purchase, you can save an animal in need.

Together, we can save animals that have faced abuse, neglect and even torture. And, it begins with you. With every purchase you make, you can fund the surgeries and medical procedures needed to save animals in need. 

How it Works


Show your love of animals with every tee, hoodie, bracelet, candle, tote or accessory.

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Select the animal cause

Select a specific animal in need for your donations or the animal nonprofit of your choice. 


Hendrick & Co. will make a donation directly to the nonprofit(s) caring for the animal in need. 

Our Mission

It is all about the animals

We started Hendrick & Co. for one reason only – to save animals in need. And, it begins with you. Together, we have given a voice to the voiceless... one shirt at a time.

About us

600+ Rescues & Sanctuaries
$2 million+ donated since 2011
5000+ animals saved

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