Former Bait Dog Gets Lost And Finds Her Forever Home

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Misty upon intakeMisty, only 6-9 months old, was used as a bait dog. She ended up at the shelter after being abandoned on a corner in Brooklyn. It was a bad attack and her wounds on her head and face went deep to her skull. The worst wound was on her neck - big enough to stick an arm through. 

At the time, infection had really set in and she was on the strongest antibiotics and painkillers. She underwent surgery to remove some of the skin that is black and dead so that the wounds can start to close and heal. 

To put it mildly, Misty was in bad shape. But, she would not give up. 

Misty Recovery

Second Chance Rescue in New York stepped in to do everything they could to save Misty.

Hendrick & Co., upon hearing of Misty through our partners at Second Chance Rescue, went immediately to work. We created a campaign page and hundreds of you responded. With every purchase, you helped fund Misty's medical care. And, this could not have been done without you. 

Rescuers stayed day and night at the vets caring for Misty at every step of the way. Little by little, Misty showed signs of improvement. 

After weeks of intensive care and treatment, Misty was finally able to leave the vet. An amazing foster mom, Erin Earley, took Misty into her home for rehabilitation, rest and recovery. It is here that Misty likely new love for the very first time. She became part of the family. She was just very playful and trusting from day one, surprising given the horrid events that had previously filled her life. 

Misty having fun

Her foster mom was looking for Misty's forever home, when the worst thing happened. 

Misty had taken off chasing a bird into the woods. If you go deep enough into the woods, Misty would have met a major highway. The foster family and rescuers feared the worst and actively went searching, put up flyers and posted on social media. 

It was during this time that the foster mom said, "Misty, if you come home, I will keep you." Imagining what life would be like if she did not find her is what made her realize that Misty had to be in her home forever. 

Misty reunites with her family

On the fourth day unable to find her, Erin, because of a suggestion, put bacon out on the grill. 

Within 15 minutes, Misty was back in the backyard!

Since then, the new adoptive parents spent thousands of dollars on a fence in their backyard. Misty's favorite activity is trying to put as many balls in her mouth as possible. Misty is one of the sweetest dogs Erin has ever fostered.

Today, Misty is helping other dogs find homes and end pet homelessness. You can follow Misty on Facebook here:

Misty loves her balls



With every purchase, you saved an animal in need. Together, we have the power to change the world of an animal forever. 
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