Fast Company Features Hendrick & Co.

Posted by hendrickandco 10/28/2012 0 Comment(s) In the News,

Fast Company Magazine sat down with David Hendrickson to discuss Hendrick Boards and saving animals. The video interview is part of the publication's web series, Change Generation, which profiles companies making a difference in the community.

Meet William. He used to be a very sick dog, but with some loving care (and some longboarding trips), he regained his health. Now the founders of Hendrick Boards want to help do that for other creatures—dogs, cats, skunks, you name it. With every purchase of a new board or new clothes, the company makes a donation to an animal shelter closest to you. And, of course, the products are all-natural, to prevent industrial waste products that might hurt the animals. They also sometimes put dogs on surfboards. What’s better than that?