Spencer, found with a broken spine, makes a remarkable transformation

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In January 2017, we launched a campaign for a 1-year-old dog whose spine had been broken. His picture taken at the shelter was simply shocking. His name is Spencer. 

When we first saw his video we all broke down in tears. He found his way to a South Carolina shelter in heartbreaking condition. The finder said he'd been abused, which is pretty obvious by him being emaciated with wounds and scars of various ages and stages of healing. But, the big question at the time, of course, was what happened to his back?!

Jacki O’Sullivan, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock stated, “Why does he look bent in half? Why can't he stand properly? Did he escape an abusive situation only to be hit by car?! We will never know his full story, but Spencer's life didn't just go downhill today! He didn't come from anywhere good!”

He sat in the shelter with blood dripping down his face as he hobbled around in pain. And with all of those painful obstacles facing the Doberman, it didn’t stop him from being friendly and kissing volunteers. 

Thankfully, Rescue Dogs Rock took him out of the shelter and rushed Spencer to a specialty veterinarian. Extensive X-rays and an examination by a neurologist determined the dog’s spine had been severed.

On top of his spine, his stomach was full of bones. The doctor's educated guess is that he escaped wherever he came from where he was clearly starved and abused. 

Many people criticized Rescue Dogs Rock for fighting for Spencer and give him the medical care he needed to survive. But, their commitment and devotion to Spencer never wavered. 

Spencer's medical team agreed he was a good candidate for spinal surgery, so they moved forward. The 4.5 hour spine operation was a huge success. Surgeons were able to align his spine almost perfectly. The long road of physical therapy and rehabilitation commenced.

Just 2 months after his rescue and surgery, something amazing happened that would change Spencer's life forever. 

An amazing family decided they would adopt Spencer and continue his therapies. 

His new parents rearranged their lives to make this work which is a HUGE commitment. Spencer needed physical therapy and hydrotherapy, combined with a perfect balance of rest and guarded walks. They made it happen as often as Spencer needed without complaint. They even made a special room for him! 

Spencer is one very lucky dog and our hats go off to his new family for their undying devotion to making Spencer whole again.

What put a smile on our faces was seeing Spencer's latest photos and amazing videos of him running in large yard playing with his new brother. Just the thought of how he looked in early January in the shelter to the remarkable transformation brings such joy to our hearts. 

This could have only been made possible because of you. Your purchases funded Spencer's surgery and supported the incredible work of Rescue Dogs Rock. 

Just checking in to let everyone know that we are doing ok. It’s been a rough couple of weeks but everyday it gets a little better. We were able to get out today and enjoy the weather and the one and only stick that Cakes won’t share. Some things never change!

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