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Top Inspirational photos from Hurricane Harvey

Posted by hendrickandco 09/01/2017 0 Comment(s) In the News,

Even before Hurricane Harvey started to wreak its savage upon Texas, our rescue partners have been hard working endless nights and long days to save the animals. They are out on the streets rescuing strays, out on boats searching for the abandoned, looking under homes for scared cats and dogs, creating make-shift kennels to house even more animals, distributing food and pet supplies to the shelters and caring for the wounded. Dallas DogRRR volunteers even saved scores of animals housed at a nearby shelter that had been entirely flooded. San Antonio Pets Alive is out with their mobile transport unit. And, Austin Pets Alive has taken in 1,000 animals and making daily transport trips.

Below are the heroes in action.

Dallas Dog RRR : First responders & volunteers transport pets left in flooded homes.


San Antonio Pets Alive : Volunteers rush to give life saving care to a critically injurded kitten.


Austin Pets Alive! : August 29th 50 animals saved and another 100 August 30th. Over 400 animal saved.


Forgotten Dogs of the 5th Ward: Volunteers risks her life to save dog under abdoned home in flooded region. 


San Antonio Pets Alive : View from transport trailer saving hundreds of shelter dogs and cat from flooded kennels.


Dallas Dog RRR : Vet Staff volunteer around the clock to care for critically injured survivors. 


Dallas Dog RRR : An entire rescue is evacuated from flooded facility.

San Antonio Pets Alive : Bus arrives in flooded areas to evacuate shelter animals.


Austin Pets Alive! : Fosters waited in line for over two hours to help give an animal a safe and dry place to stay.


Austin Pets Alive! : 43 dogs and 11 of the cats from Tall Tail Animal Rescue rescue straight from the flood waters.

Austin Pets Alive! : Volunteers work 24 hours a day saving abandoned pets.


Dallas Dog RRR : Volunteer consoles scare and injured Hurricane Harvey victim.


Dallas Dog RRR : Volunteers are waiting to recieve over 200 dogs on the first day of Hurricane Harvey.


Dallas Dog RRR : Hundreds of abandoned dogs wait to be transported out of flooded areas.

Dallas Dog RRR : Volunteers worked 24 hours a day and evacuated every dog from this flooded shelter.


Corridor Rescue Inc : Digby eats for the first time in days after volunteers saved him from the flooded streets.


Corridor Rescue Inc : A mom and her pups all rescued from horribly flooded abandoned home.


Corridor Rescue Inc : Dog named Kingston thats was abandoned was saved by volunteers moments before death.

San Antonio Pets Alive : Volunteers consoles evacuated shelter dog in transport vehicle. 


Apollo Rescue and Support : Donated food and supplies for hundreds of pets evacuated from Hurricane Harvey.


Apollo Rescue and Support : Volunteers working in the middle of the night transporting out shelter dogs from flooded kennels.


Apollo Rescue and Support: Dog named Zeke, just one of the MANY animals saved by AR&S!


San Antonio Pets Alive : Some of the volunteers who worked days without sleep, food or showers. True heroes!



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