A pregnant momma was found trying to give birth in the trash and flith.

A pregnant momma was found trying to give birth in the trash and flith.

This is probably one of the most heartbreaking stories I have seen in a while. In the slums of Peru, almost buried in filth and trash lives a very pregnant girl in critical condition. A man has been breeding her for greed and left her to die.

She is trying to give birth but when she was discovered they found she was expelling rancid pus. Without rescue, she and her unborn babies will not survive.

Locals let a Peruvian rescuer know about her plight and Near & Far Animal Foundation immediately went into action! They are desperately trying to save her and her baby's life so they had the pregnant momma transferred to a trusted local Peruvian hospital

To start, the hospital needs hundreds of dollars and who knows how high her vetting might be as they attempt to save her. We are asking for your prayers and support today to help give this pregnant mom the chance to live a pain free life!


Because of what was done to her, all 8 babies died and she had to get an emergency c-section. Her uterus was filled with infection, puss and the vet said that one more day would have surely been fatal for Kira. As you can imagine, when something this heartbreaking happens she will have to heal physically and mentally. We are desperately trying to raise the funds that they need to cover her c-section cost!

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