Amethyst: Attack Leaves Dog with Severed Leg, Puncture Wounds

Amethyst: Attack Leaves Dog with Severed Leg, Puncture Wounds

Amethyst was attacked by dog near her own home as her owner fought for her.

Her journey is off to a rough start. She has puncture wounds all of her body. Worst yet, her leg was basically severed in the attack.

Amethyst is anemic and extremely beat up. Doctors need to remove the leg. Wounds were covered in maggots after having all the wounds cleaned. She is a fighter, but she has a long road ahead of her. She has lots of edemas under her skin. Her skin is so swollen that she is struggling to move and get up to go to the bathroom. They placed a urinary catheter to help ease her stress.

This will not be an easy road ahead for Amethyst. She is now under the care of Dallas DogRRR and they will need our help as they embark upon a journey to save Amethyst.

We have created this campaign to support Dallas DogRRR. With every purchase you make, we will donate to help care for Amethyst.

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