Audie: Left to Die in a Box in the Middle of a Field

Audie: Left to Die in a Box in the Middle of a Field

Audie was left in a box in the middle of a field to die.

He was brought into the Fort Worth shelter system. A volunteer at Apollo Support & Rescue picked him up from the extremely overcrowded shelter. On the way to drop off Audie with a foster, the pup got super sick. The volunteer acted quickly and routed Audie directly to the ER.

Thankfully, Audie tested negative for parvo but he is very weak and has lots of bad bacteria in his gut. He will likely need to stay at the hospital for an additional 12-24 hours for additional observation and testing.

His bill is estimated to be at $1,300-$1,600.

Rescuers at Apollo Support & Rescue noted: "Soooo many dogs in need and we can barely help a small fraction of them but every dog we save is because of our supporters, donors, and amazing fosters willing to take them in."

Please help us get this little guy healthy and a chance for an amazing life! With each and every purchase made, we will donate directly to Apollo Support & Rescue to help care for Audie.

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