Austin: Fighting for His Life with Tick Infestation

Austin: Fighting for His Life with Tick Infestation

Fleas and ticks aren’t just gross, they are deadly and actually closely related to spiders! This little boy, Austin, was found by a Good Samaritan. So infested with fleas and ticks, Austin was dying a slow death.

He was medically transported to the ER very weak and the labs are not good. They are worse than expected. And on top of it, Austin is facing the dreaded tick diseases. His hemoglobin was dangerously low. He is in desperate need if a blood transfusion. Platelets were only 15 and vets started a plasma transfusion to save his life. His BUN levels were super high, so they started him on gastric support. And, his liver panel was off, and the vets placed him on medication.

He is weak and compromised. Rescuers at Dallas DogRRR and vets are racing against the clock to get him out of the danger zone. Austin has already received his blood transfusion and plasma. He will be having CBCs every 12 hours to assess if he will need more as it was very touch and go so far.

Every single tick will need to be removed by hand! Hundreds and hundreds! Please help us raise funds for his continued blood transfusions! We have created this campaign to help save Austin. With every purchase you make, you can make a difference for Austin today.


Austin is making a remarkable recovery. His ticks have all been removed by hand. Blood transfusions have been completed. 

As Dallas DogRRR noted, "Together, we make miracles happen." 

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