Bailey: Found with Facial Puncture Wounds and a Broken Jaw

Bailey: Found with Facial Puncture Wounds and a Broken Jaw

Bailey was found soaking wet from a recent storm and appears to have been attacked. With wounds on his face, as well as limping, he is in critical shape. A Pathway to Hope volunteer recieved a call and immediately rushed over to catch him after he had taken off. Incredibly, the volunteer was able to find Bailey and scoop him up in a blanket.

Baily was rushed to the hospital. He is stable (vitals are good) and in the loving, professional care at the vets. He has a huge open wound in his nasal cavity (multiple punctures) that likely will require surgical correction when he can be further stabilized. Bailey is a tiny kitten with a long uphill battle ahead. This is not a new wound sadly - as he has maggots on his tiny body and face. He had been cleaned up, put on IV fluids and antibiotics, as well as pain meds, was syringe fed and is sleeping comfortably in a big fluffy bed. Now, we can only hope that Bailey will stabilize enough overnight to be transferred for a surgical consult.

Bailey has amazed us with his resilience (and his spice!). Somehow, despite his extensive injuries, including a broken jaw, gaping wound through his nasal cavity, injured leg and maggot infestation, Bailey is a force! When his nurses cleaned his wounds, he pushes them away with the cutest swats ever! His incredible medical team has fallen in love with this tiny warrior, sharing that, “Bailey is a sweet boy, purring and making muffins. Thank you for giving this angel a chance. He is an amazing kitten – very brave and so sweet despite his injuries.”

Baily and A Pathway to Hope need our help today. Every product - from apparel jewelry to homegoods and drinkware - triggers a donation to A Pathway to Hope to help care for Bailey.

At just 1.5 pounds, Bailey has a long uphill battle, but he is facing his future bravely and with a lot of opinion! Amazing rescuers, Bailey’s vitals continue to be strong, he is accepting syringe feedings and fighting having his wounds cleaned daily. He is struggling with a fever, which is to be expected with his injuries and infections. Bailey has overcome his first battle – stabilizing enough for the surgical and dental consults he will receive soon to determine the best way to treat his open nasal cavity, broken jaw and injured leg.


During Bailey’s CT scan, it was found that his nasal cavity, pallet and mouth had been destroyed, and necrotic tissue remained.  There were no bones to put back together, and the growth plate in his mouth could never grow, leaving him without the ability to eat and making it impossible for him to breathe properly.  Bailey left us peacefully and surrounded by love.  Bailey was adored by the staff at Blue Pearl over the past 5 days.  He showed how grateful he was as he purred and made biscuits sprawled out in his bed next to his nurse.  Bailey was comfortable, clean, and sassy, with a full belly – and he was so loved, by his doting caretakers and each of you.  You can’t ask for much more in this life, except time.  

We thank you for letting Bailey touch your hearts, we thank his caretakers for going above and beyond their jobs to love Bailey, we cry alongside you as you read this sad news, and we promise that Bailey’s memory lives in the work we do.  We commit to break for Bailey’s family in his honor, as we do TNR and rescue work in this area.  We will rescue, trap and spay / neuter Bailey’s family, including mom, dad, older sibling and any other cats in this colony.  We have since learned that Bailey has 2 surviving siblings being bottle fed in a loving home.  Bailey will live on, every day, through hope in the work that we do together.  Fly free in hope sweet Bailey!

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