Batista: Dumped on the Streets with Large Tumors

Batista: Dumped on the Streets with Large Tumors

Batista was rescued by a Good Samaritan in Fajardo, Purto Rico, which has a known dumping field where degenerates abandon dogs they no longer have use for.

It’s obvious that Batista was no longer welcomed where he once lived because of his massive tumor which wraps around his testicles to his back leg plus others all over his body.

The Good Samaritan after several days and attempts, secured Batista and implored for help from anyone to get him medical treatment. After taking him to a vet for a consult and estimate, he knew he would not be able to personally cover the cost of such an intense operation and would need an organization to take up the case.

We hope you will join us as we support Batista on his journey to health and wellness and finally free him of the enormous tumors plaguing him! With each and every purchase, we will donate directly to Near and Far Animal Foundation to help save Batista.


Unfortunately the results of the biopsies taken from Batista’s massive tumors have returned as mast cell cancer. Rescuers will follow the guidance of Dr O and his consulted oncologist as to what protocol we will follow to manage Batista’s diagnosis. The one huge mass taken from his rear limb weighed over 4 pounds! Please continue to pray for Batista as we enter the next stage of his medical care and if you can, help me sponsor his upcoming cancer treatments! Get the “Love is a four legged word.” product.

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