Benny's owner poured gasoline and lit him on fire!

Benny's owner poured gasoline and lit him on fire!

Rescuers received an urgent plea for help from a rural shelter in Alabama. This baby is a victim of a monstrous, disgusting act of animal cruelty which has left him with 3rd degree burns down his entire back!

There’s no mystery to what happened here. When the authorities got involved, the owner admitted to pouring diesel fluid all over Benny’s body. When he was faced with animal cruelty charges, his story changed. What a coward!

His new story is that he did this “trying to help his dog.” Benny now sits in an overcrowded shelter where, without rescue, would be euthanized. Shelters are a dangerous place for any animal who is at high risk of developing sepsis.

Burn victims require months of hospitalization, daily debridement, bandage changes, IV antibiotics, fluids, amongst other things. Cases like this could quickly run well over $10,000. We need your help today to right the wrongs that have been done to this precious soul! He is being rushed to the Emergency Vets but we need to raise the funds!!!

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