Bienville Animals: Owners Charged with 15 Counts of Animal Cruelty

Bienville Animals: Owners Charged with 15 Counts of Animal Cruelty

A suspect has been charged with 15 counts of felony animal cruelty in a recent Bienville Parish, Louisiana case. Acting on a tip last week, Bienville sheriff's deputies discovered more than a dozen dogs, a cat, two snakes, and the bodies of a deceased iguana and puppy in an abandoned residence. An investigation revealed that Cody Ryan Murry and Heather Hodge were the owners of the animals and both had been incarcerated on other charges after the animals were discovered.

Murry was formally booked with 15 counts of cruelty on December 3rd, and Hodge will be charged in the near future. Murray's bond was set at $150,000!

Since Bienville does not have a public animal shelter, the Humane Society of Louisiana agreed to take possession of the animals and two nearby veterinarians graciously agreed to help their efforts by temporarily housing and caring for the animals.

As you may already know, these types of investigations and rescue operations cost thousands of dollars. This is one of the multiple investigations the Humane Society of Louisiana is involved in and monitoring. Hendrick & Co. has created this campaign to raise the funds needed to care for the abandoned animals and support the work done by the Humane Society of Louisiana. With every purchase made, the Humane Society of Louisiana can change the life of these animals forever.

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The Humane Society of Louisiana is a private 501(c)3 animal protection charity founded in New Orleans in 1988. We operate diverse animal care and protection programs, and we promote compassion for all animals. We work to prevent animal abuse and neglect in all its forms. We receive no government funding, and we rely on private donations for support. Our charity is managed by a small staff and an extensive network of volunteers. We are not affiliated with or funded by any national animal protection organization.