Blackjack was found with an embedded collar nearly decapitating him.

Blackjack was found with an embedded collar nearly decapitating him.

Second Chance Rescue NYC just received a call from the doctors at Mississippi state Veterinary School. This little 4 month old Shepherd mix, was found dragging a heavy chain, that embedded deep into his neck. We have seen many embedded collar cases, but never before in such a young puppy. This means, that someone tied this little boy out on a chain, and never bothered to even look at him!! If they had, they would have realized, that the chain was so tight, that it ripped into the flesh of his neck.

Even though this little baby was probably in terrible pain, he was so excited and happy to have people around him, giving him attention, his little tail was wagging a mile a minute. How could anyone allow this to happen!?

The doctors are asking, if Second Chance Rescue NYC can take this puppy under their care, as the only option is to turn him over to the local high-kill shelter. They have accepted responsibility for him, and he is being prepped for surgery as I type this. The doctor is working around the clock to save tiny Blackjack.

His case is pretty severe, and he will have to be hospitalized for at least a few weeks. We can really use your support to afford Blackjack the medical care that he deserves which will costs thousands! I have created the Save Blackjack campaign to help me sponsor his care! Please consider one for yourself or a friend and become Blackjack's voice.


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