Bucket Babies: Dumped in a Bucket and Left to Die

Bucket Babies: Dumped in a Bucket and Left to Die

Rescuers at Dallas DogRRR opened Facebook and saw they were tagged in a post asking for help. They looked and saw a bucket of puppies! It was one of those cement buckets, the kind in which you make concrete and it was full of PUPPIES!

Rescuers had to look twice and zoom in to read and see to make sure it was real!

Yes it was real. Someone placed 11 one-week-old puppies into a bucket, picked it up and placed it in on the side of the road. To make the situation worse, it was pouring rain.

Dallas DogRRR wrote:
"I believe most people are good. I believe most of us face the challenges of life with an attitude of, 'How can I help?' or 'What can I do to make this better?' But then we see stuff like this and it makes me question humanity. What went through the mind of the person who left 11 puppies in a cement bucket on the side of the road on a rainy day? Did he or she think about what would of happen to the puppies at all? Did he or she have any feelings or remorse? I mean I have a hard time fathoming, 'Morning puppies, I’m done with you so I am going to leave you on the side of the road to drown today.' And yet this is where we are and this is what was found today."

This is going to take many miracles and funds. First, Dallas DogRRR needs to get 11 bottle babies from South Texas to Dallas Fort Worth quickly. Second, rescuers will need need funds to vet them all. Lastly, bottle baby fosters are urgently needed!

We have created this campaign to raise the funds needed to save the 11 newborns. With each and every purchase, we will donate to Dallas DogRRR to care for the 11 puppies. If you are able to help with transport to DFW or able to foster in the DFW area, please contact Dallas DogRRR via their website (link below).

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Well they have ARRIVED Dallas Fort Worth. All the babies arrived safely and rescuers had volunteers on the ground ready to feed. There are two that are what rescuers are calling the runts. They are struggling to latch but they are fighters. They will be called the Aviation Litter!! Thank you to everyone that made this happen!!! Now, rescuers are focused on vetting each of the babies and getting them the medical attention they deserve. 
Bucket Puppies Bumper Sticker: 7.5" × 3.75"
Bucket Puppies Bumper Sticker: 7.5" × 3.75"
Bucket Puppies Bumper Sticker: 7.5" × 3.75"
Bucket Puppies Bumper Sticker: 7.5" × 3.75"
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