Buster: Found on the Streets of San Antonio Completely Emaciated, Severe Skin Infection

Buster: Found on the Streets of San Antonio Completely Emaciated, Severe Skin Infection

Buster was found as stray in San Antonio, Texas, completely emaciated and covered in mange with open bloody sores. Buster spent many days in the shelter, waiting for his Second Chance. His time was running out, and by chance, Second Chance Rescue saw a post online and immediately contacted the shelter and offered their assistance.

Buster was in horrific condition. He has certainly been out on his own for a long time and was suffering from a horrific case of mange. How anyone can look at him and not cringe is impossible. Can you imagine how much pain and discomfort this poor boy is in?

Rescuers at Second Chance Rescue rushed him to their vet partners, where he received immediate care. In addition to his severe skin condition, he was anemic and has severely infected ears. The road to recovery will be a long one for Buster. We are thankful that we have the opportunity to take this journey with him and Second Chance Rescue.

Buster is only 3 years old but looks much older. He only weighs 45 pounds, and even through this clothing, you can see every bone in his weathered and starving body.

We have created this campaign to help raise the funds needed to help save Buster. With every purchase, we will donate to save Buster. Let's make the holidays about saving Buster.

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