Chilalito's Story: Help Feed the Stray Animal Population in Peru

Chilalito's Story: Help Feed the Stray Animal Population in Peru

Sometimes, it seems that it is so easy for people to believe they are righteous if they post a meme or put a frame around their profile picture. While that may have some benefits, true humanity is action. It is DOING something, or actually helping someone to do something, especially when nobody is looking. It is giving of yourself when you need not get accolades in return, when attention is not even on your radar. That is what true humanity is, and that is what this man represents.

Chilalito is the face of humanity. He has next to nothing, and what he does have he gives to those who can’t sing his praises, but who can only show him gratitude through their love and gratefulness.

Chilalito lives in a makeshift shack and he shares it along with any food he has with the animals in need. He doesn’t do this grudgingly, but with a full heart. This gentle senior is living among trash and is hungry himself but that doesn’t stop him from sharing his food with with the strays he tries to care for.

In Peru, not only is the food supply dire to nourish the impoverished, lonely seniors, but stray dogs and cats are also struggling as well. Near and Far Animal Foundation can’t be there on the ground to assist so at the very least we can do is try and get him and the animals he cares for the food needed to survive.

Rescuers at Near and Far Animal Foundation were informed about Chilalito and they want to help him help not only himself but those he keeps alive with food and compassion and companionship.

We have created this campaign to raise the funds needed to provide food for stray cats and dogs in Peru. With every purchase of the tee below, we will send funds to Near and Far Animal Foundation to help feed the homeless stray animal population in Peru.

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