Damiana: Found Paralyzed in the Trash

Damiana: Found Paralyzed in the Trash

It is so hard for me to write this. I am absolutely heartbroken. We all wanted Damiana to get the life she deserved and the chance to live pain free of full of love.

Near and Far Foundation's rescue colleague came upon a paralyzed girl eating trash in a trash heap. She was dragging her legs behind her unable to stand or walk. She was clearly abused leaving her paralyzed. Locals had passed by her for god only knows how long without helping before a volunteer found her.

After a week of around the clock intensive care she lost her battle from the abuse she was put through. I can't stop crying while writing this.

Near and Far Foundation needs your help. As hard as it is for us to go through this we have to remember that Near and Far Animal Foundation still needs our help! They spend hundreds of dollars to try and save Damiana's life and just because she is gone, NAFAF still needs to pay those bills. I created the Damiana Memorial Fund and a portrait of this baby in her angel wings to help me raise funds for my friends. Please consider one for yourself or a friend.

We love you Damiana and will never forget you. Run free on the rainbow bridge sweet angel.

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