Dania: Found in Distress Roaming the Streets of Peru

Dania: Found in Distress Roaming the Streets of Peru

A local rescuer in Peru noticed a dog in the streets that was visibly unhealthy. Dania had thick mucus poring from her nose and sounded like she was having upper respiratory problems and appeared weak.

The rescuer took Dania immediately to the clinic. Once they arrived, Dania presented with a noticeable tremor in her rear leg. This is concerning because it can point to distemper, a most likely fatal virus. Although some rare survivors of distemper can be left with an involuntary tremor.

Dania also has raw sores on her hind quarters. She is very malnourished and the sores come from her skinny body laying on the hard ground causing pressure sores. She is anemic, and also tested positive for anaplasmosis, a tick borne disease.

Dania had to have been suffering in the streets of Peru with nobody ever helping. It was almost as if the streets of Peru became Dania's prison. If it wasn't for the local rescuer doing something, Dania would have perished in her "prison".

Thankfully, Near and Far Animal Rescue is helping to save Dania. Antibiotic therapy has begun but she is interned at the hospital for precautionary reasons to watch that she doesn’t break through with a contagious virus.

We have created this campaign to help raise the funds needed to save Dania and support Near and Far Animal Foundation. With every purchase, we will donate to Near and Far Animal Foundation to fund the medical care Dania deserves.

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