Dillon: Found Dumped with Muscles Completely Stiff and Rigid, Crosses the Rainbow Ridge

Dillon: Found Dumped with Muscles Completely Stiff and Rigid, Crosses the Rainbow Ridge

Second Chance Rescue received a 911 from Fulton County regarding a puppy who was found dumped on the side of the road.

Dillon was hanging on to life by a thread. His body was starved, his bones were protruding and his muscles were stiff as a board. He could not walk. He could not stand. He could not move.

He was in such rough shape that maggots had begun to eat him alive and they were pouring out of his nose, mouth and penis. Fulton County called with a plea to save his life and Second Chance Rescue said "yes" immediately.

Rescuers immediately rushed Dillon to Blue Pearl Specialty Hospital. He was in critical condition. His heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, and glucose levels were critically low, and his muscles were stiff. Dillon’s blood work indicates that he had sepsis, and the doctors were concerned that some type of toxin is preventing his muscles from contracting.

Rescuers at Second Chance Rescue did not give up on Dillon. But, Dillon's body just could not live in. He crossed the Rainbow Bridge within a week's time of being rescued.

Let's keep Dillon's memory alive. His life had purpose and we will not allow his passing to go unnoticed. We have created the Dillon Memorial Collection to keep his memory always by our hearts. With every purchase of a tee, hoodie, mug, blanket, tote and more, we will deliver donation to Second Chance Rescue to support rescuing more animals in Dillon's memory. 

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