Dudley & Darby: Shot and Abandoned

Dudley & Darby: Shot and Abandoned

Second Chance Rescue received an urgent call for help. How can anyone shoot a puppy?

Their names are Dudley (the small one on the left) and Darby (the brown one on the right). Yet, again an inhumane and cruel case from Mississippi.

The president and founder of Second Chance Rescue NYC, Jennifer, received a distressing and dire message regarding these two young puppies from their Mississippi volunteer, Lisa.

"Hi Jennifer, a young lady called me about these two puppies. Their 'owners' moved away from this trailer and left them behind. They were left out in front of the trailer in this tiny crate. They look in pretty bad shape with terrible mange, and the bigger brown one looks like he has a broken foot. Could you please help them? I have them with me now."

Jennifer's immediate response was yes. Lisa got them to the veterinary hospital to check for the obvious issues: mange, dehydration, malnutrition, etc., and images taken of Darby's foot. What the x-rays revealed is heart-wrenching and unbelievable (but unfortunately, not unheard of).

Darby had been shot in the shoulder- not once but twice. The images showed fragments in his shoulder. In retrospect, it appears someone may have intended to shoot both Darby and Dudley, but Darby was the bullseye.

They both have mange and need to be treated for malnutrition, but Darby also has a pretty swollen lymph node on top of being shot.

This case has been reported to the authorities; however, we will be very transparent with you that, most likely, nothing will be done because there are no laws in place for their welfare or rights in Mississippi. No matter how much internal advocacy is done, nothing changes.

Rescuers at Second Chance Rescue are here to shout from the rooftops that we will do EVERYTHING we can to implement change. Rescuers have an incredible team of volunteers and compassionate advocates, including you, to persevere and fight this systemic injustice.

In the meantime, Darby and Dudley need our help to get all the medical care they need and to offer them a new life. With every purchase of the Dudley & Darby products, we will deliver a life-saving donation to Second Chance Rescue to help with the medical needs of these two innocent puppies.


Gunshot wounds to both forelimbs. Right humerus has a void where bone is missing with bullet and bone fragments present. Bullet projectile noted near left shoulder.  

These highly disturbing notes were pulled from Darby’s medical report. In addition to this, it was first suspected he had a broken foot, but X-rays are clear and it appears to be nerve damage from the gunshots.

If you recall, Second Chance Rescue was called out to help two dogs who were abandoned on a property.  Some low life monster shot one of them twice and left them to die.  
Rescuers were able to recover both puppies and they were immediately taken to an emergency hospital for treatment. 

We cannot even imagine what kind of horror these two babies lived through.  And we can’t help to think that since there were two gun shot wounds,  this monster probably meant to shoot them each once and end their lives. The authorities are aware of what has happened here and it is currently under investigation.

Darby will need ongoing care for the wounds, possible surgery to remove the bullet, repair the injury and address the severe nerve damage. 

Thankfully, Dudley was spared by the gun shots but does have mange and parasites and we have already started treatment for both.

Most importantly, they are safe with us and no one will ever hurt them again. 

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