Elda: Dumped on a Country Road

Elda: Dumped on a Country Road

On Thursday, rescuers at Dallas DogRRR saw a plea for help that they could not resist. They had to save her! Rescuers named her Elda, which means “warrior” in Italian. She is a true warrior because of what she has had to endure.

Elda was dumped down a country road. An amazing person picked her up and brought her to safety. However, her sister, Elsa, was not so lucky, as she was likely hit by a car. Elda was rushed to the vet where she was immediately tended to.

Just think about Elsa laying on the road all day with the hot sun beating down on her alone without even her warrior...her sister. She was located in the middle of nowhere. The Good Samaritan drove down a long, lonely road and just could not leave her. She was laying in the middle of the intersection alone and it was heartbreaking.

Her rescuer could not even imagine why the siblings were there and what happened to them. Were they thrown from a car? Did the owner think twice about leaving them there? Did the puppies chase them? As the rescuer wrote:

"I was grateful for the rain the last few days as I knew they had water, but then I thought about how scared they must of been with the heavy rain, winds and thunder, the lightning. To be alone to not be able to protect yourself and so vulnerable to the elements some days this running a rescue just sucks and hurts deeply!! Yes I know we saved Elda her sister but driving down the road getting out scooping Elsa body up covered in ants belly swollen blood coming from her nose laying on the dirt. She is a puppy covered in mange and skinny so not sure how much she was loved to start with but I will leave with this. Would you take a family member drive them down a long road push them out of the car and drive off?"


Elsa was removed and taken to our vet where she was cremated and handled with care and respect!

For now, we are focusing on saving Elda and giving the medical care she needs. With every purchase, you can help save Elda.

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