End Dog Fighting in Louisiana

End Dog Fighting in Louisiana

Authorities in Baton Rouge, Louisiana arrested a man on animal cruelty charges after deputies found dogs in deplorable conditions.

Working off of a tip that there were narcotics trafficking and dog fighting, deputies discovered 5 puppies, 3 of which were confined to just one small cage. They found additional dogs in the backyard living in "deplorable" conditions and chained in mud. Officers noted that one of the dogs was standing where it was "filled with water up to his neck". Another, found in an outdoor closet, was "riddled with what appeared to be dog bites" and suffered a broken leg.

Booking documents describe the dogs as malnourished and emaciated. Animal control officers, who arrived on the scene, described the dogs as overworked from using a treadmill.

The Humane Society of Louisiana has made stopping dog fighting a top priority in the state. Louisiana is home to some of the nation's top dogfighters. They breed, train, fight and sell their dogs in communities throughout the region. HSLA is devoted to raising awareness of dog fighting issues among law enforcement and local authorities through training seminars.

We have created this campaign to help the Humane Society of Louisiana end dog fighting in Louisiana. With every purchase, we will donate to HSLA to support their dog fighting prevention efforts.

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