Feather Stone: Family Surrenders Senior Dog at the Shelter in Dire Shape

Feather Stone: Family Surrenders Senior Dog at the Shelter in Dire Shape

A family brought in a 6 lb pound dog now named Feather Stone to the shelter after his guardian went into assisted living. Sadly Feather Stone had been neglected a long time.

Matted and sad, emaciated and confused, riddled with fleas, rotten back teeth, deaf, his vision limited, a large heart, and a senior, Feather Stone's body is slow and busted. But he is magnificent.

He was left behind because nobody seemed to care. Harbor Animal Shelter volunteers and staff reached out to Synergy and rescuers immediately went to work.

Specializing in senior dogs, the team at Synergy rushed Feather Stone to the vets to begin diagnostics and medical care. Feather Stone received a full medical exam, a senior wellness panel, urinalysis, treatment for his pretty substantial skin issues, pain management medication and fecal dewormer to treat tapeworm. Feather Stone is severely Ataxic (neurological condition), has a slight head tilt, and a wonky gate (awkward seated position).

Thus far, rescuers have have learned that Mister Feather Stone loves "cuddling, smushicorning, nugget-huggin, napping, snuggling in his blanket nest, riding in his snuggit, and snacking on squishy & delicious food."

Synergy is dedicated to giving Feather Stone the love and medical care he deserves. As they have noted, "Don't let age or ailments discourage you from rescuing, adopting & simply helping." Every life truly does matter!

We have created this campaign to raise the funds needed for Feather Stone's medical care and ongoing treatment. With every product purchased, you can be part of his care and well-being.

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