Garbage Pail Puppies: Dumped and Left to Die

Garbage Pail Puppies: Dumped and Left to Die

Seven pittie puppies were found at the garbage dump in rural Mississippi. The puppies were starving, crying, dehydrated and loaded with parasites. This is certainly a deadly combination, especially at 5 weeks old. In addition, it was blazing hot in the dumpster. Sadly, dumping puppies in the garbage is a common occurrence there.

Two of the tiny girls, have developed abscesses on their legs. Second Chance Rescue is rushing little Peyton and Posey to the hospital. These little babies are just weeks old, and they also were malnourished. Rescuers believe being so little and neglected is what is causing these abscesses and complications.

When puppies do not receive the proper nutrients, they fail to thrive. These abscesses are in essence, infections that have developed in their legs. We are hoping that they are able to be drained, cleaned out thoroughly, and given antibiotics to fight off the infections. The other puppies are doing well.

Second Chance Rescue can help they can get to give both puppies the medical care that they need. With each and every purchase you make, you can help change the lives of the dumped puppies today.

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