Gideon: Found with Mangled Legs

Gideon: Found with Mangled Legs

Gideon was found tangled in a fence with his small legs completely mangled. His temp is only 94 degrees, he is lethargic and he is not able to stand on his own.

Just skin and bones, Gideon is in critical condition at the ER. One of his legs is completely cold and there is no circulation. He will likely lose the front left leg. Where it gets tricky is the back left leg is swollen and currently not presenting with feeling. This medical information was just off the initial intake. The vets are doing X-rays, bloodwork and going to get him started on fluids, antibiotics and pain management. We will reevaluate, after initial tests are complete, to see what the next steps will be.

We have created this campaign to help support Dallas DogRRR in the care of Gideon. With every purchase you make, we will donate to help fund Gideon's medical treatment.


Gideon is stable but that back limb still very questionable there is no feeling and very swollen. One of his wounds had maggots noted once we gave him a bath. He must of been tangled awhile. The doctors have him on supportive care, they would like to see him have some feeling in the back leg by tonight. It’s not blue like front leg but still very swollen and he has no feeling. The staff is doing hydrotherapy in addition to antibiotics and anti inflammatory medications.

We will be praying for feeling both injured legs are on the same side we just found the mom and other puppies and are in the process of trapping the family.

This is the hardest part in animal rescue. Please take a moment to read this message from Dallas Dog RRR...

"Today was a tough day for our rescue we know we can NOT save them all we know that more then anyone! However sometimes you have to remove emotions and do what is best even when they have their whole life ahead of them.

Today after 5 doctors opinions we made the decision to say goodbye to sweet Gideon! Run Free Baby! Run free! We have rescued his mom and siblings and they are safe and in need of foster! Thank you DogRRR Nation"

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