Gregory was taunted, tortured and thrown out like trash because of they way he looked.

Gregory was taunted, tortured and thrown out like trash because of they way he looked.

HELP ME SAVE GREGORY! Don’t look away. Don’t scroll past. Locals wanted to kill him because of his appearance. He is not a monster. He is a sweet boy that needs our help. Rescue would NOT allow him to be murdered because of the way he looked.

Gregory needs your help to overcome the treatable cancer that has attacked his eyes. Found in Lima, Peru, Gregory was cast to the streets because of the disease that could’ve been prevented if he was neutered. In rural Peru animals tortured and killed for the way they look. A brave women scooped him up in her arms and took him to a trusted doctors.

The tumors that have destroyed his eyes could have been cured but instead they taunted him and struck his eyes. I created a custom portrait of Gregory to help me raise the much needed funds to save this baby's life. I will not stop until he is safe, healed and loved. I hope you will support my decision!

Please consider sponsoring Gregory’s emergency care to stabilize him for his chemotherapy treatments with one of his Save Gregory items and share his story!

Recent Updates

I have some good news for Greogry. He is stable enough and started his chemotherapy treatment! The fragile, bloody tumors that engulfed Gregory’s eyes are shrinking and given him some relief. He will be on pain meds indefinitely obviously BUT we need you continued help to make sure Gregory receives the medical care he desperately needs and deserves! We are continuing to sponsor his chemotherapy treatments with our Save Gregory items! Please consider one and help support this very special boy!

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