Gumps was dumped at a shelter with no ears & shattered leg.

A cropped eared pitbull was dumped at a city shelter with a shattered leg, skin and bones and heartworm positive. The leg is an old injury that was never treated. The cropped ears tell rescuers tell a story most pitbulls have. They are mistreated and forced into horrific conditions.

“his previous owner could afford to butcher his ears yet not have him on preventatives for $8 bucks a month. We love you, Gumps, no ears and all, but we are sorry this happened to you. We are sorry you were abandoned and forced to suffer as you are.”

Rescuers at Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs saw the heartbreaking photos of Gumps curled up in a ball and knew they needed to act quickly.

UPDATE: Gumps is recovering from his leg amputation, he's already walking around well. Most new tripod's acclimate well very fast but most dogs with the front limbs amputated do take a little while longer. He will finish his heartworm treatment in Georgia and then make his way to us here in NYC.

Thanks to everyone’s generosity through the Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs facebook, they were able to raise the funding for his amputation surgery. We are offering the “WOOF” beanie to raise funds to help more animals like Gump. SCR NYC has many animals who need medical treatment and this beanie helps us raise those funds!

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