Gwen: Attacked by Other Dogs

Gwen: Attacked by Other Dogs

We want to take this time to focus on our bully girl, Gwen. Gwen, is the white female bully, who was saved by the Second Chance Rescue Mississippi team as part of a rescue effort to save 8 dogs found in an abandoned home. Gwen has been living on her own, in this field of garbage, trying to survive. She has been attacked, by other dogs, who are scavenging for the same limited food, just to survive. How does this happen?

She is downtrodden, bloody, injured, and she is so happy to see the rescue team. How is this America in 2021? How can we allow this to continue? This great nation has much to do to take care of our animals. It is a downright shame that this is going on.

Once again, Second Chance Rescue is here to pick up the pieces to save Gwen and to give her a beautiful life. There are hundreds of more Gwens out there, living in garbage piles. As the rescue pointed out, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Missouri, Tennessee are just among a few places where animals are ignored -- ignored by law-enforcement and ignored by politicians! They are living and breathing sentient beings. Together, we will not allow them to be ignored! We will speak loudly, we will scream on the top of our lungs for them.

We have created this campaign to help save Gwen and give her the medical treatment she deserves. With every purchase you make, you can make a difference for Gwen today.

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Second Chance Rescue NYC was founded on the firm belief that all animals deserve love and care, and that no animal should ever be subjected to abuse, neglect or homelessness. We are 100% not for profit, and to date, have relied solely on donations from the public. Our mission is to offer a second chance to those animals less fortunate—those with critical medical, emotional or behavioral issues.