Gwendolyn was found dying next to dumpster!

Gwendolyn was found dying next to dumpster!

A pitbull was found by a dumpster and is a WALKING SKELETON. She was found alone today, with her ribs exposed and unable to stand. Rescuers said they felt like she was dying in front of them. I can’t imagine what was done to her!

They believe she was discarded like trash next to that dumpster. To say that I am pissed off is an understatement. Did HER OWNERS hope the trash truck would come by to dispose of her?

Authorities will be investigating this case but like with most abandoned dogs found, we may never know who did this. DallasDogRRR knew if she was not saved the shelter would euthanize her.

She was medically transported to the Emergency Room in critical condition and they didn’t know if she would even make it through the drive but she did! She is receiving life saving care but that comes at a cost!

DDRRR will have thousands in vet bills to save Gwendolyn and we are here to help sponsor that care! Every item below triggers a life saving donation!

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Dallas DogRRR is a group of dedicated, animal-loving volunteers who support the abandoned dogs of Dallas, Texas, by collecting supplies, paying vet bills, locating foster families, facilitating adoptions, and advocating for a more hopeful future. We are often seen even in the trenches of SE Dallas searching for and rescuing forgotten dogs.