Heather: Senior Dog Found with a Huge Mass

Heather: Senior Dog Found with a Huge Mass

Second Chance Rescue received an urgent plea for help from a rural shelter in North Carolina. A 9-year-old senior girl was found as a stray. Take one look at her, and it is clear she's been living a life of neglect. Under her matted overgrown hair, a grapefruit-sized mass was discovered on her abdomen. Her teeth are barely visible under the gunk and disease.

The shelter is overcrowded and cannot hold her any longer. That is the grim reality. Shelters have no space, and animals are time-stamped every day. If we don’t pull her to safety, Heather risks losing her life.

Rescuers are Second Chance Rescue could not let this happen and agreed to take her under their wing. Heather is being rushed to a local hospital in North Carolina to receive the medical care she desperately needs. We are coming to you today to ask for your assistance. Without a doubt, this little girl will need a complete workup and surgery. We cannot do this without you.

With every purchase you make, we will donate directly to Second Chance Rescue to give Heather a life filled with just love.
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Second Chance Rescue NYC was founded on the firm belief that all animals deserve love and care, and that no animal should ever be subjected to abuse, neglect or homelessness. We are 100% not for profit, and to date, have relied solely on donations from the public. Our mission is to offer a second chance to those animals less fortunate—those with critical medical, emotional or behavioral issues.