Hondo: Puppy Battling Severe Skin Infection

Hondo: Puppy Battling Severe Skin Infection

Hondo has not had much of a life before being rescued. It is hard to imagine, in a condition like this, that he is barely 3 months old.

Hondo is going to be a big boy! He has sarcoptic mange, skin infections and his eyes are inflamed from the infection. He is loaded with worms and looks like a skeleton.

Skin infections like this has caused almost complete hair loss. Because of its severity, Hondo's skin infection will take weeks of treatment to heal the skin and start to regrow his fur. Advanced cases can cause skin hardening, extreme itchiness and secondary infections if left untreated.

Thankfully, our friends at Dallas DogRRR rescued Hondo and is just beginning the long road to medical treatment. He needs your help. With every purchase, we can give Hondo the second chance he deserves.


Hondo came to Dallas DogRRR from a local shelter in heartbreaking condition- hairless from sarcoptic mange, dehydrated, and malnourished. 

Check him out now! His foster momma’s loving care literally brought him back to life! He’s chunked up the perfect amount, and with that gorgeous coat coming back in, we can see he’s actually a Shepherd mix!

Now that Hondo is healthy, he’s ready to be neutered and will be available for adoption soon! Apply for this handsome boy at: https://www.dallasdogrrr.org/adopt-a-dog

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