Hope: Tuxedo Kitten Thrown Out of Moving Vehicle

Hope: Tuxedo Kitten Thrown Out of Moving Vehicle

A good Samaritan was driving on Hwy 1 in Marksville, a small town in Avoyelles Parish in Louisianna, when she saw an occupant of the vehicle in front of her throw a kitten out of the window.

The good Samaritan pulled over, stopped, and got out to retrieve the poor kitten, who was in shock and obviously injured. The good Samaritan contacted the Humane Society of Louisiana late at night and asked if they could pay for the kitten's care. Without delay or thought, the Humane Society of Louisiana readily agreed to help.

The rescuer named her Hope.

A subsequent exam showed that Hope had cuts and scrapes and nerve damage to the right front leg, causing it to be paralyzed. The clinic amputated Hope's leg, but she is expected to make a full recovery!

The Humane Society of Louisiana needs your support to care for Hope. With every purchase, we will donate to help with the medical care of Hope. Every tee, hoodie, piece of jewelry, blanket, tote and more provides a life-saving donation.


Update from the Humane Society of Louisiana: we just can't stop talking about Hope, the little Tuxedo kitten, who survived after being thrown out of a moving vehicle several weeks ago. A couple saw the occupant of the car in front of them throw a kitten out of the window. Horrified, they pulled over and found the kitten several feet from the road. They took the kitten, who appeared to be injured, to Darlene Gormsen, a local cat rescuer, who cleaned and comforted her, and named her Hope. Darlene also reached out to our Humane Society. We agreed to pay Hope's medical care, and an exam showed that she had suffered nerve damage to her right front leg, and it had to be amputated.

The Humane Society of Louisiana is offering a $500 reward that leads to the arrest of the person(s) responsible and the local news stations have covered the events: https://www.kalb.com/2021/06/15/kitten-recovering-after-being-thrown-out-moving-vehicle-marksville/

Purchases spark a donation to HSL's Emergency Medical Fund which will help pay for Hope's surgery.

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