House of Horrors - Dead cat found in Pillowcase

House of Horrors - Dead cat found in Pillowcase

This has been dubbed the Mississippi House Of Horrors. A team in Mississippi received a call about a house where they were told 12 puppies, 3 adult dogs and cats were dying. By the time rescuers were on scene none of the adult dogs were found but someone noticed a pillow case. A volunteer opened it to find a DEAD kitty's body inside a PILLOWCASE!

The homeowner states that she put the cat in the pillowcase and “simply forgot to take him out.”

The police were called and there is a massive manhunt to trying and find the 3 adult dogs alive! These “owners” are pure evil! Second Chance Rescue NYC won’t give up.

The puppies are in critical condition and have pale gums, vomiting, and bloody diarrhea. Rescuers can only suspect that these symptoms indicate disease or POISON. With tears in their eyes, volunteers took the kitty’s dead body out of the pillow case and cradled him in their arms. I AM CRYING.

Taking 12 dogs into their care at once is a huge undertaking. Now Second Chance Rescue save any more animals until we can help cover their bills! They rushed the puppies to a critical care hospital but this will cost thousands of dollars! I created the “Abusers Are Cowards” collection to sponsor their care! Please consider one for yourself and help save these babies.


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