Julia: Babies Killed and Now Struggling to Survive

Julia: Babies Killed and Now Struggling to Survive

Left to give birth in the street, Julia was in labor and already delivered 3 kittens. While she was trying to deliver a stillborn fetus, a male cat appeared and attacked the infants, killing all 3 kittens.

Julia was in distress, her babies were horrifically taken from her, and the dead stillborn began to cause complications.

Near & Far Animal Foundation's rescue partner in Venezuela, Olga, collected Julia and rushed her to the hospital where they performed a complicated hysterectomy to remove the decomposed fetus.

Julia is recovering physically, but emotionally she is confused. She is searching for the babies she carried and gave birth to.

Mother Nature is cruel at times. Please help Near & Far Animal Foundation save Julia and continue to help animals like her.

Hendrick & Co. has created a new design specifically to help raise the funds needed to save Julia. Animals in places like Venezuela face a grim uphill battle to even survive. But, luckily Near & Far Animal Foundation and their rescue partners on the ground in in Venezuela and other countries are making a difference. With every purchase you make today, we can help save Julia and make an impact on animals in Venezuela.
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With every product purchased, Hendrick & Co. automatically delivers a donation to save animals in need. 100% of the donations given, as shown on every product page, goes directly to the care of animals. In partnership with ShoppingGives® and PayPal Giving Fund, Hendrick & Co. and you can make a powerful impact in truly transforming the life of an animal in need.

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Near and Far Animal Foundation focuses on saving animals that are forgotten, abandoned and in dire need of a compassionate helping hand right here in our own land and across the globe. We are committed to working with independent rescuers and volunteers.