Justice for Junior

Justice for Junior

Junior was dropped off at the shelter in Forth Worth by his "owners". He was only 11 months old. When he was dumped off at the shelter, Junior was severely emaciated, anemic and running a 105 degree temperature.

The shelter was not equipped to deal with emergencies like this. Thankfully, rescuers at Apollo Support and Rescue immediately rushed Junior to the ER. Rescuers knew this was going to be expensive to save Junior, but they were determined to try to give Junior a chance.

Doctors immediately noticed that Junior had a blockage and had already gone septic. The only chance of survival was surgery. He had a very low chance of survival, but it was the only hope to save this puppy. He needed two blood transfusions prior to the 5am surgery. His white cell count is 33k with fluid in his abdomen. Rescuers prayed for a miracle and moved forward with surgery without hesitation.

In less than 2 days after surgery, however, Junior had a major setback. He started to have back-to-back seizures and he was not able to recover.

Junior passed away in the early morning hours of June 28, 2021.

Apollo Support and Rescue is committed to finding justice for Junior. They have been working closely with the shelter and animal control to bring justice to this poor sweet soul.

We have created the Justice for Junior collection to raise awareness of Junior's story, raise funds to pay off his vet bills, and help in the fight for justice. With every purchase, we will donate to Apollo Support and Rescue.

Justice for Junior

Video taken at the moment Junior was rescued and rushed to the ER

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