Kaden was found wondering the streets with 3rd degree burns over his body.

Kaden was found wondering the streets with 3rd degree burns over his body.

This is one of the most horrific and heart-breaking cases we have ever seen and the worst case Second Chance Rescue NYC has ever taken on. This is our second burn case since last night! 2 in a row! Rescuers received an urgent call for help from a rural shelter in South Carolina after a pitbull was found with 3rd degree burns covering his body.

The shelter has limited resources and could not provide the care that he would need to survive. We know how hard this is to look at, and we don’t have any idea of who could have committed this heinous atrocity.

SCR NYC rushed the pittie to a critical care hospital equipped to save his life. He will require months of intense vet care to fight the aggressive infections that burns bring on, burn treatment, several rounds of debriding, multiple bandage changes daily and continuous pain management.

Second Chance Rescue named him Kaden and will spare nothing to save Kaden. This type of care can cost over $10,000 so we will help cover his care with a Save Kaden product to sponsor his wound care physical therapy. Can you help us?



We wanted to share an update with you regarding our Brave boy Kaden. Because of you, Kaden is receiving top notch medical care. His blood work indicates that he has an infection, but that does not surprise us considering the severity of his injuries. Kaden is receiving around the clock care, iv fluids and iv antibiotics. He is a true fighter and we are continuing our mission in helping fund his ongoing burn care! Please help if you can!!
Save Kaden Sticker Sheet 6"x4"
Save Kaden Sticker Sheet 6"x4"
Save Kaden Sticker Sheet 6"x4"
Save Kaden Sticker Sheet 6"x4"
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