Little Miss Muffet: Partially Blind Senior Dog Found on the Streets

Little Miss Muffet: Partially Blind Senior Dog Found on the Streets

There's something about seniors that really stops us in our tracks. Second Chance Rescue received a call that Little Miss Muffet, a partially blind senior, needed out of the shelter as soon as possible.

Second Chance Rescue flew into action as they knew they had to take this sweet little girl as soon as possible. At 17 years old, Little Miss Muffet was found wandering the streets all alone. Her eyes were full of goo, her body frail, and her spirit broken.

Sadly, seniors are oftentimes overlooked and only have a 25% adoption rate. Rescuers hope that his beautiful soul will be up for adoption once she is medically cleared. But, their focus right now is to give Little Miss Muffet the medical care she deserves.

Second Chance Rescue needs our support to help save Little Miss Muffet. With each and every purchase, we will donate directly to help Little Miss Muffet.

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