Lonnie was found under a car with his ears cut off and his head covered in maggots.

Lonnie was found under a car with his ears cut off and his head covered in maggots.

Right now we are in the middle of a very serious and truly heart-shattering case. We have no choice but to push forward and help save this baby and we hope you support our decision and help Lonnie.

Details are still unfolding and what we are about to tell you will bring you to tears. Our partners at Second Chance Rescue NYC were contacted about a dog they are calling Lonnie who was found by an animal control officer. The officer saw Lonnie hiding and shaking uncontrollably under a car in a backyard. As the officer came out of his truck with a leash, he bent under the car and scooped Lonnie into his arm.

The officer immediately noticed thousands of maggots all over Lonnie on the top of his head embedded in all of his wounds. Lonnie has endured unfathomable trauma. Lonnie’s ears are gone either cut or bitten off. We do not know what happened to this dog. What we do know is pitbulls are constantly targeted and horribly abused and neglected.

Shelter staff worked quickly to stabilize Lonnie and transport him to Second Chance Rescue’s partner hospital. His gruesome injuries are some of the worst we have seen. Lonnie is severely broken, dehydrated and smells like rotting flesh. His ears are gone and he is covered in puncture wounds everywhere with hundreds of maggots.

Lonnie has a gaping open wound that you can literally see through to the other side. Lonnie has endured suffering for a very long time with no one stopping to help until now. All we want to do is take it all away for him & alleviate his suffering and we hope you help us! I created a custom portrait of Lonnie to help me raise much needed funds! Please please please consider a Save Lonnie item and share his story with everyone you can!

Recent Updates

We cannot begin to wrap our heads around how truly frightening, agonizing, excruciating and traumatizing this unknown event that happened to Lonnie is. Lonnie continues to receive round the clock expert care. He is now stable, hydrated and eating. He has allowed the entire staff to handle him with no issues. His heartworms are the VERY least of his problems right now. The goal is to continue to get the infections under control from the necrotic dead skin , which goes down layers upon layers underneath his skin. The 3 general layers, In order from most superficial to deepest they are the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tissue. The other primary goal goes hand in hand, the debriding, weeks of it. Hydrotherapy, laser etc... Once most of the debriding is done, an attempt will be made to reconstruct his ears. Again, I don't know how this will be done being that they were torn/ripped or eaten off but we shall see. His limbs are still very swollen, he's still lethargic but no longer in shock. Lonnie will be hospitalized for at least an entire month, he's got a lot going on. This is just a brief weekend update and we will continue to update during the week. He's lucky he's made it this far... VERY lucky. We are surprised he has made it this far. Every hour he survived is hopeful. Lonnie is receiving so much love from those in the hospital and from all over the country. We are so touched by the outpouring of support and unconditional love for Lonnie, he never had anyone to care about him, not even a little bit. You can continue to contribute to his care. As you can imagine, any dog hospitalized for a minimum of a month is very expensive for a rescue. Thank you for supporting Lonnie.

Lonnie is recovering very well under the care of Dr. Terry. He received a care package from one of his amazing supporters and is very grateful for that. He is definitely cheering up and is very fond of his entire medical team. We apologize for the delayed update and saw all of your messages asking about how he is doing. The answer, as well as we could hope for. However, Lonnie still has a very long recovery ahead of him and will remain hospitalized until he is 100 percent recovered, he still has not been heartworm treated or neutered yet and he still has a lot of wound care to continue with. Once he does recover, we will cat and dog test him prior to making him available for adoption. Interested adopters are certainly welcome to pre apply for any of our animals but he'll be matched once we test him with other animals. We can't do that right now until his body is healed and he is feeling much better. I will say that Dr. Terry and her team have reported that he is a VERY good boy.

There were a few comments in his posts the day he was rescued regarding some folks feeling it would be best to put Lonnie down given his condition and suffering. Why? Just because the abuse is hard for you to witness?

Second Chance Rescue would never rush to put an animal to sleep if they strongly felt that suffering was temporary and we could push him through it. 

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